Student Wellbeing

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A Family Environment

Within boarding we aim to maintain a family atmosphere. Guidelines for behaviour and House rules are based mainly on mutual courtesy and respect, and the promotion of safety for all students. Our Westminster Boarding program aims to establish a community of happy, successful, young people who are achieving their full potential.

At Westminster School we have a tradition of developing strong and often enduring relationships with, not only our boarders, but with their families and friends. Such a culture comes from treating boarders as individuals, dealing with issues as if they involved members of one’s own family and an ability to consider matters in perspective. It is very important that we establish a relationship with the family. Just as each student will be part of our Boarding House family, we hope that their families will feel welcome and take the opportunity to keep in regular contact, particularly if there are any queries, problems or concerns.


Students are encouraged to become responsible members of the Boarding community, showing consideration for others and doing all in their power to help the House to run harmoniously. Rules will be kept to a minimum and these will be dependent on the responsible behaviour of all members of the House.

Bad language is not acceptable and a constructive attitude towards the rules and routines is expected. Truthfulness and honesty are highly respected qualities.

Smoking and the consumption of alcohol or other drugs are not permitted. No student may be in possession of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs while associated with the School. Penalties are severe.


Students do their homework - Juniors in I.T. classrooms with a specialised teacher and Seniors study in their rooms or they can go to classrooms if they wish. Prep starts at 6.30 pm on weekdays. Students should be working individually or in small study groups. Assistance may be sought from staff on duty and the Stretch Centre which is open during homework time. Homework tutors are available from Monday to Thursday evening. Everyone works until suppertime at 8.30 pm. Seniors have optional study time between 9.30 pm and 10.15 pm.


Both boarding areas have six computers that are connected to the School computer network and provide boarders with access to email and the internet. Boarding students can bring their own laptops and each student will have network access that will allow them to access the internet and printing facilities. All students in Year 9 will receive a laptop.

The School’s Learning Resource Centre is open each school day until 5.00 pm and the STRETCH Centre is available at lunchtimes for extra assistance.


Led by qualified, experienced chefs, our catering team will tell you that our boarders’ dining room is always a hive of activity. As at home, mealtimes at Westminster offer the chance to sit down, enjoy a good home-style meal and ‘share your day’ with friends. Our boarders enjoy highly nutritious, balanced meals that are prepared in our own kitchen according to strict nutritional guidelines. We offer a variety of delicious, low-fat meals with a strong focus on fresh produce. Self-serve options, vegetarian alternatives and flexible meal-ordering systems mean there is something for everyone to enjoy, while our informal Sunday barbecues and theme nights add to the relaxed ‘family’ atmosphere.


Regular, easy communication with home is essential to our boarders. Small groups of students share a telephone and boarders are able to bring their own mobile telephones for use at certain times. Each boarding area is linked to our controlled and supported computing network, enabling easy emailing through our 24-hour high-speed broadband internet connection. Students can access shared computers, or opt to lease their own computer for use in their room.

Westminster School is proud to be a member of the Australian Boarding Schools Association (ABSA) which serves to support and develop best practice in residential communities across Australia.