Why choose Westminster?

Westminster School has many great features. We aim to offer students every opportunity at School, with our small class sizes and a wide range of subjects and co-curricular choices. Regardless of a student’s particular strength or area of interest, we have an enthusiastic & specialist teacher, excellent program and outstanding facility for the student to pursue that subject to their maximum potential. This helps students identify their possible directions for life after school by achieving their academic potential, exposure to the arts and involvement in sport. They also develop their mental health, resilience, self esteem and confidence through our pastoral care programs.

Please follow the link to view our prospectus online, or download a pdf version.

Westminster offers both curricular and co-curricular (outside of school hours) choices.  Some of the areas we offer courses in are Mathematics, Science, English & Humanities, Information Technology, Agriculture, VET/techInclusion and Enrichment, German, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese languages, business subjects, the arts, sport, and outdoor education.

Within the arts we have visual arts and performing arts. Within performing arts we have music, drama and dance. Within each of those we have compulsory and elective subjects and a huge choice of co-curricular activities, tours and performances as well. Within visual arts we have art practical, art theory, photography, fashion and textiles, graphic design and arts tours. It’s an amazing range and depth of opportunity.

Sport and Outdoor Education are robust parts of our curriculum to the end of Year 12 as well as fundamental pillars of our camp program and co-curricular activities. We have 140 sporting teams, outstanding facilities, a positive culture of involvement in sport and a stunning history of achievement in Outdoor Education.

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