Academic Achievement

International students who have graduated from Westminster School have flourished in their chosen fields, often in Law, Medicine, Engineering, Commerce, Computing and the Creative Arts. As a School we enjoy hearing news of current students and Old Scholars who are making a positive contribution at Westminster and universities.

Outstanding Year 12 SACE Results are produced by many international students (listed only recently graduated students):

  • Wenfei YAN: ATAR 98.60
  • Tingting Hu: ATAR 99.1
  • Tung Ngok Li: ATAR 93.10
  • Cong Liu: ATAR 94.30
  • Feixu Zou: ATAR 97.5
  • Salman Junejo: ATAR 96.75
  • Hussein Al Hammad:  ATAR 92.30
  • Yourong Zhang: ATAR 92.60
International students at Westminster School have demonstrated strong mathematical skills through their scholarship applications or various Maths Competitions such as the Westpac Maths competition:
  • Chenhao Suo: Achieved Distinction in a highly competitive maths competition
  • Hanching Ren: Won the Maths Scholarship at Westminster School
  • Kai Xiang:  Ranked in the top 0.3% in the Westpac Maths Competition
  • Yourong Zhang: Received the Lawrence and Haese Medal for outstanding achievement in Mathematics
International students at Westminster have also demonstrated their various talents in foreign languages, fashion, art, and music:
  • Hounjeong Lim: Won second place in the APEX Australia Teenagers Fashion Competition in South Australia in 2010
  • Ji Hyea Han: Won first place in the APEX Australia Teenagers Fashion Competition in South Australia in 2011
  • Ruiting Yun: Won the Music Scholarship at Westminster School
  • Linh Nguyen: Achieved the Merit Award in Stage 2 French Continuous
  • Dabin Seol: Achieved the Merit Award in Stage 2 Japanese Continuous

Westminster School aims to provide every opportunity to international students. This is the evidence that all international students are achieving their full potential at Westminster School.