Enrolment Information

Westminster is a great School for international students. Listed below are the steps required to enrol.

Enrolment steps

  1. Read the website in detail. View all the International sections as well as Preparatory and Secondary School, Features, Our Facilities.
  2. Email any questions you have to Darin Betro.
  3. Email us your completed application form, an AEAS report and a copy of the last 2 school reports/transcripts OR contact one of our agents if there is one in your country/region and have them send the application to us.
  4. Westminster School will then assess your application and if we accept Westminster School sends you an offer/invoice letter.
  5. You then deposit the invoice amount into our account.
  6. We then issue a Certificate of Enrolment (CoE) and Welfare Letter (CAAW).
  7. You then use the CoE and CAAW to get your student visa.

Following this will be a series of steps to complete. Our International Student Coordinator will guide you through this post-enrolment process to ensure a smooth transition into Westminster School.

Please download the following document for more information about our Current International Agents.

For more information about being an International Student at Westminster, please read our International Student Handbook.


Student applications are received by email and assessed according to the following steps.

For each application:

Step 1: If a school transcript is received with an Australian Education Assessment Service (AEAS) or other language report, the AEAS report will be assessed first. There will be a specific recommendation in the AEAS report relating to the number of weeks required for ELICOS before mainstream school is undertaken. The report will also indicate the student's level in English language proficiency, general ability and mathematical reasoning. A below average or possibly even an average student will not be accepted. An above average student will be considered and can move to Step 2.

Step 2: If the student's AEAS assessment is above average or we just have a school report, the school transcript will now be assessed. The level or band of the student's school will also influence if the student's report is acceptable - for example, at a Band 1 Hong Kong school, an English subject result of at least 65%, an Average Subject result of at least 65%  and a class ranking that places the student in the top half of the class will be satisfactory; however, in a lower band school, the student's results may need to be an English subject result of at least 80%, an Average Subject result of at least 80% and a class ranking that places the student in the top third of the year level. If the school report and school band read together are considered to meet the minimum acceptable requirements, then move to Step 3.

Step 3: Check the school report for any behavioural issues, negative teacher comments or attendance issues. If any of these are negative, the student may not be accepted. If the student's school report comments are considered acceptable, move to Step 4.

Step 4: Check if there are any special circumstances that also need to be considered - for example, a trusted longstanding agent strongly recommends the student or the student is young in a low year level or has a specific interest in a non-core curriculum area like arts, sports, outdoors, agriculture etc. If there are special circumstances that should be considered, a slightly lower level academic performance may be accepted (as determined in Step 2).