Families are welcomed to the School from all religious backgrounds. Westminster is affiliated with the Uniting Church. Many students at the School come from families who are members of the Uniting Church or other Christian denominations. Some of our families have faith in other religions, while others have no preferred faith.

The Sir Shirley Jeffries Memorial Chapel is the spiritual heart of the School. All students go to a Chapel service once a week with their particular class, year group, or House group. Chapel is a place where students and staff are encouraged to engage in various aspects of worship and celebrate communal life. We consider it important to help students make their own informed decision in their own time, in this important area of faith, spirituality and religion.

Community is an integral value at Westminster School and Chapel services are another dimension of communal expression in the life of the School. Chapel is a place where values, respect, identity, individuality, belonging, care and compassion are evident and encouraged. Music, drama, worship, readings, prayer and media are some of the opportunities in Chapel for students to present messages in creative ways, connecting students to each other and with the culture of the time. Chapel services at Westminster vary in style and many new and exciting dimensions of personal reflection are encountered.

Pastoral care, personal support, visitation to homes and hospitals, family support and mediation are supported by our Chaplain.

Chaplaincy Services under the National School Chaplaincy Program are supported by funding received from the State Government Department of Education and Child Development which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training for this purpose.