Students are encouraged to participate in a comprehensive program of musical activities, both curricular and co-curricular.

Students who do not wish to study music as a formal subject have the opportunity to learn an instrument or voice and receive tuition through the School. The School’s Music Department supports tuition in a full range of instrumental and vocal music and encourages students to perform publicly. Liturgical music is also prepared for liturgical celebrations.

Westminster School has excellent facilities for music. The music suite incorporates a large rehearsal area, a Preparatory School music room, a computer/keyboard laboratory, an instrument storeroom, offices and individual tuition rooms. The Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts is an outstanding facility, providing an opportunity for students to perform to large audiences. While recognizing a good need for balance, performance is given a high priority in the student’s musical development.

The value of such experiences outside the curriculum has been highlighted during performances in and around Adelaide, as well as interstate and overseas. Westminster music tours provide great experiences and outcomes, from building friendships and encouraging teamwork to appreciating different cultures and their enjoyment of music. Such performances extend the repertoire and experience of our musicians and provide an invaluable opportunity to excel.

Performance Groups

Big Band 1​ Preparatory School Junior Choir​
​Big Band 2 ​Preparatory School Canto Choir
​Big Band 3 ​Preparatory School Chapel Choir
​Senior Concert Band ​Preparatory School Concert Band
​Senior Orchestra ​Preparatory School Flute Ensemble
​Senior Vocal Ensemble ​Preparatory School String Ensemble
​Senior Jazz Ensemble ​Preparatory School Year 3/4 String Ensemble
​Vocal Jazz ​Preparatory School Rhythm Section
​Vocal Jazz 2 ​Preparatory School Vox Pops
​Senior Rock Band ​Preparatory School Guitar Ensemble
​Senior String Ensemble
​Junior Jazz Combo
​Senior Percussion Ensemble