Primary School

The Preparatory School includes the Early Learning Centre, Junior Primary and the Years 3 to 7 Primary section.

Computer Lab

Westminster primary students are fortunate to have access to our own computer lab with a large number of stations as well as several smaller computer precincts. There are also computers in each classroom.

Play Areas

Westminster students have plenty of space to run and play. The Preparatory School oval provides a great area for ball games and running activities at recess and lunchtime. The oval is used extensively during PE lessons, before and after school and on weekends for the myriad of co-curricular activities offered. In addition to this open space both the Junior and Senior Primary areas of the School have well- equipped playgrounds. Fitness stations, sand-pits and a giant outdoor chess set provide alternative activities for all age groups and interests.

Vandepeer Courtyard

The Vandepeer Courtyard, named after Natalie Vandepeer, a former Head of the Preparatory School, provides a sheltered area for the Primary classes. Protected from the sun and rain, this a great meeting place for classes, eating area and is also used as an outdoor classroom.

Forder Centre

Located near the Haslam Library, the Forder Centre is a multipurpose room that enables the PE staff to work indoors during inclement weather. It is also been used as an assembly area, performance arena, dance hall and table tennis venue.

Library Facilities

The Haslam Library is located at the centre of the Preparatory School. All students have timetabled lessons in the library each week where they are exposed to a wide range of literature genres and authors. They also learn how to use the library effectively and efficiently. The library is also open for small group, individual and casual use as well.

Our staff are always willing to help students with book selection and information gathering. Books may be borrowed or returned as often as needed. The library is open at lunch time for reading, quiet activities and book circulation. It is also open for borrowing before and after school.

The library system is computerised allowing student access to the library catalogues and other resources.

Music Facilities

All students have access to the facilities in the Music Centre and the Michael Murray Centre for Performing Arts. The Preparatory School has its own classroom within this facility.